Friability Tester - ULF

Friability Tester - ULF

USP, IP, EP, JP Compliance.

Microcontroller base device drive.

20 x 2 LCD Display for complete information & clear visibility.

3 Level Security.

Programmable Product Data 25 nos.

Two mode operation - Programmable Counter & Programmable Timer (Real time clock).

Variable speed from 20 to 50 RPM ±0.5 RPM.

Front loading Drum for easy loading & better visibility in run mode.

Easy lock & Release knob to hold drum in position with no vibration.

Drum automatically rotates & come to filling position on initialization.

Support Abrasion Drum (Universal lab).

Alphanumeric keypad for easy data entry of product info & user details.

Automatic discharge of test sample after completion of test.

Input port for weighing scale.

Auto calculation of result like weight loss & X% Friability.

Validation of RPM & Count.

Print Test Report & Validation Report.