Bulk Density Tester - ULBD

Bulk Density Tester - ULBD

Complies with European pharmacopeia and USP.

ASTM compliance (Optional).

Measures Powder, Granules & Similar product Bulk Density.

Method: Measurement in Volumeter.

Easy calculation of Bulk Density in terms of m/V0.

Two type of Sample receiving Cup - Cylindrical / Cubical.

Cylindrical Cup - 25.00 ±0.05ml ID 30.00 ±2.0mm - 35cm3.

Cubical Cup - 16.39 ±0.2ml ID 25.40 ±0.076mm - 25cm3.

Standard 1mm Sieve (Wire Mesh).

ASTM - 16mesh Sieve (Optional).

Hydraulic action Spatula in-built within unit.