Dissolution Tester 8stn - ULD-8

Dissolution Tester 8stn - ULD-8

USP, IP, EP, JP Compliance.

Ideal for manual testing .

40 x 4 LCD Display.

Alpha numeric key pad & USB keyboard support.

3 Level Security.

Programmable test methods.

Programmable sampling intervals.

Auto Stirrer height position for USP 1, 2, 5, 6 Intrinsic.

Adjustable Cannula for different sampling position of different volume level.

LED indicators and Beep sound for system status.

Adjustable leveling legs.

Two level Vibration free, Isolated water circulation with precise temperature control.

Positive engagement, Wobble free & accurate axis position collet fit stirrer locking.

Unique Serial Numbered Accessories, i.e. vessels, baskets, paddle etc.

Clear Acrylic water bath with bottom drainage port.

Motorized lift of unit for ease out maintenance procedure.

Reports of Sample Test - Report storage memory and offline printing of test reports, with Power failure notification.

IQ, OQ Documents.