Dissolution Tester 14stn with Manual Syringe System - ULD-140

Dissolution Tester 14stn
with Manual Syringe System - ULD-140

USP, IP, EP, JP Compliance.

40x4 LCD Display.

Alpha numeric keypad & USB keyboard support.

3 Level Security.

Programmable test methods.

Programmable sampling intervals.

Auto Stirrer height position for USP 1, 2, 5, 6 Intrinsic.

LED indicators and Beep sound for system status.

Two Level Vibration free, Isolated water circulation with precise temperature control.

Clear Acrylic water bath with bottom drainage port.

Reports of Sample Test-Report storage memory and offline printing of test reports, with Power failure notification.

IQ, OQ Documents.

Manual Syringe Sampling

Fast & Easy Manual Sampling.

10ml & 25ml Syringes adaptable.

1-5 micron disc type filter can be attached.

PTFE tubing to collect samples.

Sync Dosage Dropping

Simultaneous Dosage dropping in non-stirring media.

Immediate or delayed test start after achieving temperature.

Wide opening to drop max. 24mm sinkers.

Sampling Manifold

Motorized Sampling Manifold.

Auto Dive to specified height for sampling as per USP.

Individual Temperature probes for each vessels.

Filters attachment is possible.

PTFE tubing for sample collection.